Eating Healthy on the Go

  Eating Healthy on the Go

                I used to be one of the millions of people who ate out at least once a day.  I ate at various fast food chains and restaurants. It was convenient for my busy life but far from healthy. Now that I am a personal trainer, I know better. Now you do not have to stop eating out altogether, you just have to be more intentional about eating the right things while you are out. Here are some tips I learned that helped me make better decisions while eating out on the go:

  1. CHOICES -If you must eat fast food always try to choose from the healthier options menu. Your body will thank you later.

For example: Instead of  French Fries, try this side salad/fruit bowl


  1. VEGETABLES– When eating at a restaurant, always eat vegetables with your main course. Stay away from starchy foods (potatoes, rice, pasta, breads), instead substitute with an extra helping of yummy veggies.


  1. BEVERAGES– Soda, those fruit drinks, wine and alcohol are empty calories drinks. That equates to your body adding fat in places you don’t like. Water is your friend drinks lots of it.


  1. SNACKS– When I go grocery shopping I make sure to buy healthy snacks for on the go. I keep them my car, just in case I get hungry and to prevent me from spending money on something I will regret later.


Healthy snacks for on the go: Rice cakes, protein/energy bars, mixed nuts, and fruit.

*Remember you can save money and lose calories faster if you prepare your own meals.



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