Ways to Jumpstart Your Day

If your anything like myself, you despise getting out of the bed. It takes your body a while to come out of that deep peaceful sleep you were in. Some people have an idea of why this occurs but most people have no clue. The primary reasons people have trouble jump starting their day involves lack of proper planning, being sleep deprived, and lack of exercise. Now that we know what gives people trouble getting their day started here are some ways to assist you in jump starting your day.

  1. PLAN

I always plan out my meals and exercise routine for the next day or the entire week. Planning the night before will help you knowing that part of your day is already planned.


  1. SLEEP

People can escape with only receiving six hours of sleep but that’s always a risk. Some of the simplest tasks become difficult when you are functioning on limited sleep. I recommend seven to nine hours of SLEEP. I have found that the body responds well to this amount of sleep. Your body is most alert when it is fully rested.



Incorporate exercise into your morning routine.  Exercise assists the body in alerting yourself that it’s time to start your day. Exercise also positively affects the way a person’s day could be. A workout as long as fifteen minutes can have long term effects for the entire day. Check out the video “15-minute Jump start”.

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